About Us


Foundation for Talent Hunting is a Ghanaian registered organization that seeks to develop a wide range of talents by unearthing them and developing them to achieve their full potential. Our activities are targeted at children and young adults.
We believe that though there exists discipline like sports , arts and culture, every human is endowed with some God given talent and through them we are able to break down barriers which exist within communities and work towards reducing levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.
Our foundation is committed to providing our participants with the ability to become physically active and believe that through sports we can deliver a positive program which will serve to promote not only physical benefits in terms of confidence, comradeship and discipline but also social benefits to our stakeholders and communities.
FFTH seeks to work closely with our stakeholders to identify a need for its skills and services. Our initiative and projects are designed to be accessible, affordable and engaging for our participants.
Our trustees believe that our projects must not only represent value for money but ensure a conscious effort is always made to ensure that the projects remain viable and sustainable.

Our Vision

Our Mission

The Foundation's vision is to complement and expand current school sports activities in line with government targets .
Our projects must serve to increase confidence and attain levels by enhancing curriculum learning where applicable and build on employment skills.
FFTH seeks to improve the well-being and quality of individuals and communities through participation in sports by: 1. Providing programs of positive activities for people with talent and their families. 2. Supporting schools and local communities in providing for high quality P.E and sports. 3. Helping to provide the link between school and community club sport, widening and sustaining sports participation and identifying and developing young talented individuals.